What we do

In the Netherlands, we visit our clients’ companies every month. For clients outside the Netherlands, these visits take place at agreed intervals. In addition, we can offer extra services, including remote assistance using Skype and Starleaf.

Crop advice and business consulting the Netherlands

We will visit your company on a regular basis (usually once a month). Our IMAC consultant will take a fresh look at your company, assessing aspects such as crop growth and development, climate, crop protection, crop care, irrigation, energy, fertilisation, etc. We will take a critical look and propose changes for further crop optimisation, if necessary.

Remote consultancy

Using applications such as Skype and Starleaf, we can safely track your climate in the climate computer. Advice regarding changes in your climate settings based on up-to-date information and insights will increase your production efficiency and save energy costs.

Supervision of study and registration groups

We regard growers as a key information source for cultivation. IMAC is successful in supervising study and registration groups. Our supervision and guidance ensure a better exchange of knowledge between growers. The broad perspectives of our well-trained and specialized IMAC consultants contribute significantly to the group's knowledge input. As a group leader, the consultant will organise meetings, give presentations, lead discussions and serve as the group secretary.


Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to provide customer-specific fertilizer recommendations. We not only look at default values but also at your specific varieties, growing conditions, crop conditions, etc.

Nutritional analyses

At IMAC, your water and soil analyses are in excellent hands. Throughout the years, we have also acquired vast experience in plant sap and dry matter analyses. These analyses could provide a good solution, especially in case of specific crop problems. These analyses are performed externally and will be accompanied by special recommendation from IMAC.

Nutritional advice and analysis results

Disease research

Aside from water and soil analyses, we can also perform investigations in the field of diseases and pests. We work in close cooperation with a wide range of research laboratories that can perform this type of research for us. This enables us to precisely pinpoint the source of fungal and bacterial infections, as well as establish a control plan based on our findings.

Crop assessment

If any damage occurs or if cultivation problems affecting crops are caused by company-external factors, such as storms, hailstorms, power failures or other issues, we can perform a crop assessment. We will be able to clearly identify the extent of the damage as well as any possible consequences. We will also provide solutions to minimize this damage as much as possible.

Involvement in research

We are currently involved in a research project carried out in cooperation with the HAS University of Applied Sciences in Den Bosch. In addition, we are participating in a (PhD) research project conducted at Wageningen University.