Bureau IMAC Bleiswijk B.V. is a renowned horticultural consultancy firm. By focusing on a limited number of crops, we have been able to develop into a unique centre of expertise for growing Anthurium and Phalaenopsis. Our scope is not limited to just the Netherlands – we provide advice to growers all over the world, from Denmark to South Africa and from Canada to New Zealand. The international nature of our work is also important for us in terms of knowledge development.

We have built a team of well-trained and specialized consultants. This means that our consultants work with a maximum of two different crops, leading to an optimum knowledge development for these crops. In addition, IMAC’s consultants are constantly working to increase their knowledge levels and make sure they stay ahead of new developments. We achieve this by following various courses throughout the year as well as through our contacts in our network of partners active in the field of greenhouse construction, installation technology, shading curtains, crop protection products, fertilisation, internal logistics, coatings for greenhouse covers, climate control, etc.

Thanks to the small size of our firm, the mutual exchange of horticultural expertise, our consultants’ expertise and our international work field, we are able offer our clients an excellent range of consultancy services.

Our unique collaboration with plant breeding firm Anthura enables an in-depth exchange of knowledge between both companies. However, IMAC’s independence as a consultancy firm will always be assured.